Welcome to the Foundrs Collective

Where founders, investors, and startup mentors join in the journey to achieving more together.

Our mantra:

We aim to bring together founders and entrepreneurs to master the art of entrepreneurship (e.g., pitching, customer development, product-market fit, fundraising, team building, scaling, and exiting) so that we can produce better pitches showcasing the right teams with scalable solutions to real-world problems, leading to more fundable companies that ultimately change the world around us. 

Why join the collective?

We're serious about our ventures and even more serious about the community we surround ourselves with. This isn't about any one person, brand or theory either; we know it takes everyone supporting each other to be successful. However, below are just a few reasons why you should join today!

  1. Get the opportunity to pitch in front of real investors (Angels, VCs, and Family Offices each week)
  2. Learn from those around you how to refine your pitch, hire the right team members and grow your business successfully. 
  3. Get access to content, mentors, service providers, and more that can help you on your journey as a founder, service provider and investor.
  4. Make new friends while networking with like-minded individuals. We are growing and want to help you on your journey to success as well.  

From newsletters, email blast and magazines, we are helping ventures all over get exposure and generate traction no matter what stage they are in.

Venture Starters Weekly Pitch meetings hosted by Mark November is a great way to catch many of our founders pitching their ventures to investors and more.

Partners and networks 

As the name suggest, we are not doing this alone and are grateful for those who are working with founders all over to make communities like this a success for everyone involved.